1 Silly Sally

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Silly Sally

Written by Audrey Wood

Illustrated by Winsor & Newton

Reviewed by Abigail P. (age 5)

Silly Sally

I like Silly Sally because it rhymes and Sally is very silly! She walks to town backwards and upside down! Every time she meets an animal along the way, it walks backwards and upside down with her. You'll have to read it and see what happens when Silly Sally meets a sheep and then Neddy Buttercup!

The colors in the pictures are mostly yellow, orange, purple and pink. The colors make me feel happy and all the characters are always smiling and happy on every page.

I hope you will like this picture book. It makes me laugh and I like how all the pages rhyme. If you have this book read to you more than one time, you will be able to say the rhymes.