1 Hattie and the Fox

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Hattie and the Fox

Written by Mem Fox

Illustrated by Patricia Mullins

Reviewed by Cassia K. (age 4)

Hattie and the Fox

This story was about a black chicken who tried to tell the other animals on the farm about a dangerous and bad fox who was coming to eat the chicken. But the other animals wouldn't listen to her.

My favorite part of the story was when the fox did come out of the bushes and all the other animals were so surprised their eyes were huge! They were all so surprised to see that sneaky fox.

This story reminded me of when I play hide and seek with my friends and when they jump out like the fox did in story it always surprises me too.

I think the best place for that chicken was up that ladder and in her hen house. She should stay up there more so the fox won't get her.

I think my Dad would like this book since he likes to be surprised and all the animals were sure surprised at the end of the story when that sneaky fox showed up.

Dictated to Mrs. McNamara by Cassia K.