1 Moonbear's Shadow

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Moonbear's Shadow

Written by Frank Asch

Illustrated by Frank Asch

Reviewed by Lahiki J (age 8)

Moonbear's Shadow

Bear wants to get rid of his shadow because he doesn't want to scare the fish away with his shadow. Bear tries to get rid of his shadow many different ways. If you read this book you will enjoy the funny things that Bear does to get rid of his shadow. One thing he did was he hammered his shadow to the ground!

My favorite part is when the Bear is hiding behind the tree because he thinks the shadow is going to go away. The book reminds me of when I play games with my shadow. I play with my shadow when it rides my bike with me. I like the light colors that the illustrator used, they make me feel happy when I read this book.

I recommend this book because Bear learns to be friends with his shadow. I think K-4th graders will like this book because it is funny how Bear tries to get rid of his shadow.