1 2095

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Written by Jon Scieszka

Illustrated by Lane Smith

Reviewed by Chandler T. (age 9)


Sam, Joe, and Fred return in another Time Warp Trio book called 2095. In 2095 Sam, Joe, and Fred get stuck in the year 2095. “The Book” put them in that year. Along the way they check out New York City. Sam, Joe, and Fred meet some kids in their families. The kids’ names were Samantha, Freddi, and Joaina. Joaina gets “The Book” just like Joe did. The kids help Sam, Joe, and Fred get out of 2095.

2095 is a good book because it makes me laugh. Sam, Joe, and Fred are the best characters in the book. They get themselves in all kinds of situations where they have to work together to get out of them. The illustrations are very good because the pictures help me understand the book.

I recommend that other people read this book because the book is very entertaining.