1 Franny K. Attack of the 50 ft Cupid

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Franny K. Attack of the 50 ft Cupid

Written by Jim Benton

Illustrated by Jim Benton

Reviewed by Anthony A. (age 9)

Franny K. Attack of the 50 ft Cupid

Do you like fiction? Then I have a great book for you. It’s called Franny K. Stein Attack of the 50-Ft. Cupid. Franny was home making plans in her mad scientist laboratory. All of a sudden her mom brings her new lab assistant Igor, a dog! Franny got a picture of a cupid on Valentine’s Day. Igor presses a button and it makes the cupid come to life. Franny turns herself into a 50-ft. giant and rides her skateboard around the city to stop the cupid from destroying the park.

The characters in the book were good. I thought the author described them well. The illustrations were great because they were amazing to me. When I read the book it was fantastic because I could understand the book and it was interesting to me.

I recommend that all third and second grades should read this book.