1 The Wide Window

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The Wide Window

Written by Lemony Snicket

Illustrated by Brett Helquist

Reviewed by Michael L. (age 9)

The Wide Window

Violet, Klaus and Sunny are good children with horrible lives. They have had many troubled times in their lives. In The Wide Window, the third book of the series, the three orphans encounter a hurricane, hungry leeches, cold cucumber soup and an evil murdering villain. They have to save their Aunt Josephine who has disappeared. If you want to read a happy book… DON’T READ THIS BOOK!

I like this book because Lemony Snicket includes parts of the book where he tells you about his own life during the story. He uses his own words to talk to his readers during the book and he adds a lot of description about what happens in his life and during the orphan’s lives. My favorite part about the book is when they all get attacked by leeches on the lake. I like Brett Helquist, the illustrator. I think he is a very good artist because in his pictures there are line patterns. This book and the series are unique because there aren’t any happy endings.

I recommend this book because it makes you feel better about things when you are sad. If you are really upset about something in your life, you should read this book. When you compare your life to the lives of Violet, Klaus, and Sunny, you will feel better. I think that that kids who around eight years-old will enjoy this book because it is their reading level. If you like stories without happy endings, read this book!