1 The Power of Un

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The Power of Un

Written by Nancy Etchemendy

Reviewed by Lauren H. (age 9)

The Power of Un

Have you ever thought of having the power to undo any mistake? Gib Finney was just a normal boy until a strange old man gives Gib a device called the “unner”, which can undo any mistake. Gib learns that some things can get undone while others can’t. After a terrible accident, Gib uses the unner. He is not sure this problem can get undone.

I liked the book The Power of Un because it starts out normal, but gets stranger and stranger. This book fills your mind with questions. You actually feel like your Gib. The old man who gave Gib the unner was strange. He had a bad limp, was mysterious, and dressed oddly. Gib is my favorite character because he makes smart decisions and cares for others. At the beginning, Gib was a trouble maker. When he received the unner, Gib had more responsibility and tried his best to make things right. As I read, I questioned the characters and why they did things. For example, why did they try to make their friend believe in the unner? I questioned what they said and why the author choice unique names for each character.

I recommend this book to kids [boy or girl] who are 8-12 years old, and who like fantasy stories. Children who like inventions, suspense, and mysterious things would enjoy this story. People who have a great imagination would also enjoy this book because you actually feel as if you’re Gib. This book takes you so far away and deep into your mind, that you won’t be able to put this book down.