1 Blast To The Past: Washington's War

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Blast To The Past: Washington's War

Written by Stacia Deutsch

Reviewed by Justyn S. (age 10)

Blast To The Past: Washington's War

Do you want to learn about the past? Well, you should read Blast to the Past, Washington’s War. Abigail and her friends traveled back in time to the Revolutionary War. When they arrive, they see colonist running away from an army. They want to meet with George Washington. When they meet him, they learn that George Washington is planning on leaving the army. Abigail and her friends need to try to change his mind so the American’s can win the war. Can they do it or now?

This book is a good book because it doesn’t tell you if George Washington’s mind is changed or not. I also like this book because it describes the characters’ really well. For example, it does a good job describing how they look and their personalities. This helps you make connection to the characters. This book is special because it tells you about George Washington and his life in the war. I learned that he was lazy. He stayed in bed a lot during the day. This isn’t the only Blast to the Past book. It is a whole series. There are black and white pictures, but they go exactly with the story and author’s descriptions.

I recommend this book to anybody who likes historical and/or fictional mysteries. I think boys or girls would like this book because the characters are both boys and girls. I suggest this to 9, 10, and 11 year-olds. You should try reading this book!