1 Stellaluna

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Written by Janell Cannon

Illustrated by Janell Cannon

Reviewed by Diana S. (age 10)


This story is about a bat who lost her mother when she was a baby. Stellaluna was found by a bird. One day, when Mama Bird was away, Stellaluna went and hung upside down and the three other little birds decided to do that. Mama Bird said to the birds and Stellaluna, “come up here, or you’ll break your necks and you, Stellaluna promise me you will not do bad things, like hanging upside down.” One day Mama Bird said it was time to fly. Stellaluna and the birds flew; the birds got tired but Stellaluna didn’t. Stellaluna flew until her wings hurt and she hung in the trees by hands, because Mama Bird told her not to go upside down. A bat saw Stellaluna and asked her questions. The bat finally said, “you are my baby.” Stellaluna is a fruit bat, not bird!

I like the book Stellaluna because I love fruit bats. My favorite part was when Stellaluna found her mom because now she knows who she is, she eats mangos, not grasshoppers! I dislike Mama Bird because she is a BIG meanie.

I recommend this book to my friend Jennifer because she likes animals.