1 Kidnapped at the Capital

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Kidnapped at the Capital

Written by Angi Sage

Reviewed by Max V. (age 8)

Kidnapped at the Capital

Hey, if you like mysteries you will love Kidnapped at the Capital. The story will blow you away and it keeps your mind going. KC and Marshall are excellent detectives. In the book, KC's mom and the President of the U.S.A. were kidnapped right underneath the bodyguard's noses. It is up to you to find them…

My favorite part of the book Kidnapped at the Capital was when the swat team crashed the door down to find KC and Marshall. It was exciting because it made me read on. The story reminds me of my own life because we have a mystery once in a while. One time my brother lost his baseball hat and we had to try to find it. Marshall reminds me of my brother Josh. They both like bugs and are eager to solve a mystery.

I recommend this book to kids in 2nd grade and older because there are very hard words. Things always change in the book. They will never know what hit them.