1 Bravo Max

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Bravo Max

Written by Sally Grindley

Illustrated by Tony Ross

Reviewed by Christina T. (age 10)

Bravo Max

If you think your life is hard then you should read Bravo Max by Sally Grindley. He has problems dealing with his dad's death. For example, his mom has a new boyfriend, James, and the more he comes over the more Max misses his dad. Max plays on a football team and he is used to looking in the crowd and seeing his mom. One day he sees James sitting next to his mom in the crowd. Now, how would you feel about that? Max felt angry but what can he do about it? Will his Mom marry James? Read and find out!

There are many reasons I enjoyed this book but the main reason is Max's huge imagination. He over-exaggerates and makes the problem more difficult then it needs to be.

I realized that Max and I have a big connection. For example, Max's dad died when he was six like mine. Max's mom has a boyfriend also like mine. This helped me really understand how Max felt. The part I cannot stand is when Max ran away because of his mom's boyfriend. I know I would never do that. I feel sad for Max because reading the book made me realize that he has many problems like his friends and bullies. There is a friend, Jenny, who changes. First, she is Max's friend, she is his enemy and, finally, they are not friends anymore.

I recommend this book to 3to 5thth graders or people who think they have troubles or a hard life. Reading this book can help you laugh at your problems. This book is part of a series of Dear Max, Bravo Max, and Relax Max.