Corporate Sponsorship

Corporate sponsorships are available for companies interested in supporting literacy and the meaningful use of technology among elementary school children. By sponsoring a school, a company has the unique opportunity to encourage and develop children's love for reading, improve children's reading and writing skills, and see the results of their support on the web.

Individuals, corporations and small businesses can sponsor or "adopt" a school by underwriting fees for membership in the Spaghetti Book Club. Sponsors can have their generosity and commitment to literacy recognized in writing on the school and class home pages that they sponsor (click here for an example). Sponsors may also have their logos appear on the school and class pages which they support.

In addition, there are many wonderful and exciting ways for sponsors to increase the visibility of their commitment to improving student literacy. For example, a local business could display printouts of the students' reviews in their windows or host a "publishing party" to celebrate the students' hard work and accomplishments. Also, the sponsor can create a link to the Spaghetti Book Club from its own web site so that visitors to their site can read the students' work and learn about the sponsor's commitment to student literacy in the community.

For more information about corporate sponsorship, please send an email to "" or call the number below.


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