Meet the Founder and Director of the Spaghetti® Book Club 

Hello, and welcome to the Spaghetti Book Club. I hope you've enjoyed reading our book reviews. If you haven't yet browsed our reviews, please do! You'll probably find interesting books to read yourself or enjoy with a child you know. Or maybe, like I do, you'll enjoy reading the kids' thoughts about the books they've read and enjoy looking at their incredible illustrations!

The Spaghetti Book Club has been an exciting adventure for me. It began when I was teaching at P.S. 41 (Greenwich Village, NYC) as a way to encourage my first grade students to reflect on and discuss the books they were reading. Our class would have interesting conversations about books, what the stories made us think of, how they made us feel and how they were like other books we had read. Writing book reviews was a way for my students to share their thoughts, opinions and reactions with other kids and family members. Through the process of having thoughtful book talks and writing reviews, my students developed sophisticated ways of reflecting on what they were reading.

When we published the reviews on the web, the project took off! The kids told me they felt "famous" knowing that their family members, friends and kids around the world could read their work. The class got a flood of email from family members and friends expressing their praise and encouragement.

I never imagined all the joy, excitement and pride that the kids and their families would experience. Of course, it was a thrill for me to see their reactions and to watch them become enthusiastic, confident and reflective readers!

The enthusiasm of my students and the encouragement from their families and friends inspired me to later develop this project into one for all kids, teachers and families to participate in and enjoy.

The Spaghetti Book Club can be easily and successfully implemented in any classroom, after-school program or community center.

If you would like more information about the Spaghetti Book Club, please contact me at

--Julie Rosemarin

Julie Rosemarin is the Founder, Executive Director and CEO of the Spaghetti Book Club. Julie was an educator for 7 years before starting the Spaghetti Book Club, including five years as a kindergarten and first grade teacher and two years as a consultant to the NYC public schools. She has extensive training in constructivist pedagogy and is an experienced curriculum developer.

Julie is on the advisory board of the Technology and Learning Center @ the Armory , a federally funded community technology center in Washington Heights, NYC.

Julie has a Master's Degree in Early Childhood Education from Bank Street College of Education, NYC.


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