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The Spaghetti Book Club website is a place for kids who love to read and talk about books! It is the largest site of book reviews written and illustrated by kids for kids. The Spaghetti Book Club was created as a way to support and encourage kids' love for reading by giving them an opportunity to connect, on a personal level, with the books they are reading and then share their reactions, thoughts, and opinions with family members, friends, and kids around the world.

The Spaghetti Book Club is dedicated to fostering kids'  love for reading, developing their critical thinking skills and giving them an opportunity to write for a world-wide audience.

The Spaghetti Book Club Literacy Program

The Spaghetti Book Club is a fun and engaging literacy program that teaches students how to write and illustrate book reviews that are published online. The Spaghetti Book Club is a meaningful way to encourage students of any age to think critically about literature while providing them with the unique opportunity to publish their thoughts and opinions for a world-wide audience. Publishing online is a huge motivator and reward for students. It is a thrill for students to see their work published online! . 

Spaghetti Book Club offers memberships to individual classes, schools, districts, after-school programs, and public libraries.

By participating in the Spaghetti Book Club, students learn how to:

  • write strong summaries
  • construct meaning from text
  • make personal connections to literature
  • formulate and express their opinions
  • compare literary works
  • ​use text-based evidence to support ideas
  • revise their writing using details and examples
  • write persuasively
  • write for a real purpose
  • write and publish for an authentic audience

The Curriculum: The Spaghetti Book Club offers curriculum, training and web publishing services to schools, after-school programs and public libraries. The curriculum consists of standards-based lesson plans to help teachers guide their students through the process of writing and publishing book reviews.

During the program, students:

  • read books
  • engage in book talks
  • discuss the elements of a book review
  • read and discuss reviews from the Spaghetti Book Club web site
  • collaborate on group book reviews to practice writing summaries,
    opinions and recommendations
  • write their own book reviews
  • read their reviews for feedback from their peers
  • publish their reviews on the Spaghetti Book Club website
  • have fun and become published writers!

Meeting English Language Arts and Common Core State Standards: Many of the English Language Arts Standards require that students be able to understand and respond to literature, including being able to analyze, compare, critique, and express reactions to literary work using text-based evidence. The Spaghetti Book Club provides a unique way to help students meet those standards through its curriculum and publishing criteria. The Spaghetti Book Club has explicit publishing criteria that are aligned with ELA and Common Core State Standards. When students meet our publishing criteria they are meeting many ELA and Common Core State Standards as well. 

For information on how the Spaghetti Book Club helps students meet the Common Core State Standards, please visit this page

Publishing: At the end of the project, student book reviews and illustrations are published on the Spaghetti Book Club web site. Each class or after-school group receives its own customized home page with the students' self-portraits and links to their reviews. Each student receives his/her own home page with a self-portrait and links to his/her reviews.

Publishing student work on the web motivates and inspires kids to do their best work. When kids know that people around the world will be able to read their reviews, they put a lot of thought and effort into their work. When kids see their reviews and artwork online, many express that they feel "famous". They giggle, smile and are eager to read their own reviews and those of their friends.

This process of reading, writing, and publishing for a real audience is what makes the Spaghetti Book Club a unique and engaging literacy program for kids, educators, and families.

for membership options and rates: info@spaghettibookclub.org

Benefits to Students, Teachers, Administrators,
Public Libraries and Families 

Students participating in the Spaghetti Book Club develop sophisticated ways of understanding, reflecting on, and connecting to what they read. By going through the process of writing book reviews, students read books; engage in book talks with their classmates and teachers; and write summaries, opinions, and recommendations. By publishing on the web, students feel that their opinions and reactions are important! They know other people will be reading their reviews and write with their audience in mind. Because their reviews must meet explicit publishing criteria, kids feel a sense of pride and accomplishment when their work is published.

The Spaghetti Book Club provides teachers with an engaging literacy program that helps students develop critical reading and writing skills and reach many ELA standards. Students learn how to summarize stories, formulate and express opinions using text-based evidence, make meaningful connections to what they read and make connections to other pieces of literature. Writing book reviews and publishing them the our site provides an authentic writing experience for students. Students can write reviews throughout the school year. Student home pages become portfolios of their reflections and responses to literature.

The program offers teachers and administrators a meaningful and engaging way to help students reach English Language Arts standards. It also gives teachers and administrators a simple and easy way publish student work online without having to create and maintain their own web site. The program is easy to implement and can be offered across grades and/or school or district-wide. Schools, districts and after school centers create links from their web sites to the Spaghetti Book Club site to show off their students' work.

Public libraries offering the Spaghetti Book Club provide their school age kids with an engaging and fun way to share their thoughts and opinions about books. The program is a natural add-on to a library's Story Time or Book Club programs. Children read and discuss books that are read aloud or independently, write reviews, and experience the thrill of publishing their reviews online. The children's book reviews become a valuable resource for library visitors - increasing awareness of the library's children's book collection. Libraries can easily provide links from their web site to the children's reviews for other library visitors to read. Hosting "Publishing Celebrations" for children share their reviews with family, friends and members of the community, is an exciting way to recognize the children's hard work and accomplishments and a wonderful way to bring the community into the library.

Families love being able to see their child's (grandchild's, niece's, nephew's) work online. It's a great way for family members to feel connected to the classroom or after school activities!

Becoming a Member
Spaghetti Book Club sells memberships to classes, schools, districts, after-school programs, and public libraries. Membership Includes:

  • the Spaghetti Book Club curriculum
  • online training and support
  • publishing of student book reviews and illustrations on the Spaghetti Book Club web site
  • class or group home page with students' self portraits and links to their reviews
  • individual student home pages with self-portrait and links to his/her reviews

If you would like to join, or would like more information, including membership fees, 
please email us atinfo@spaghettibookclub.org.


How did the Spaghetti Book Club get its name?
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Corporate Sponsorship

Corporate Sponsorships are available to companies interested in supporting literacy and the meaningful use of technology among elementary school children. By sponsoring a school, a company has the unique opportunity to encourage and develop children's love for reading, improve children's reading and writing skills, and see the results of their support on the web. For more information on how your company can become a corporate sponsor, please visit this page, or contact us via email or phone.

Reading and discussing mentor text written by Spaghetti Book Club members

Writing reviews to meet publishing criteria

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