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Ready Freddy, Apple Orchard Race (2 reviews)
Ready Freddy, The Pumpkin Elf Mystery (2 reviews)
Ready Or Not, Here I Come
Ready, Freddy! Halloween Fraidy-Cat
Ready, Freddy, Tooth Trouble
Real Robots
Rebound Caper
The Recess Queen
The Red Badge of Courage (2 reviews)
Red Dog (3 reviews)
Red Fox Running
The Red Hen
The Red Lure
Red Pizzas For A Blue Count
The Red Pyramid
Red Riding Hood (2 reviews)
Red Sneakers
The Red Zone
Red, White and Blue
Redwall (6 reviews)
Reece's Pieces Count By Five's
The Reef of Death
Regular Guy (2 reviews)
The Relatives Came (5 reviews)
Rem World
Remember Me to Harold square
Replica: The Fever
The Report Card (3 reviews)
Report to the Principal's Office (2 reviews)
The Reptile Room (11 reviews)
The Rescue
Rescue Heros - Flash Flood!
Rescue: A Police Story (2 reviews)
Return of the Jedi
Return of the Mega Mantis
The Revenge of the Baby-Sat
Revenge of the Living Dummy
The Revenge of the Snob Squad
Revolutionary War on Wednesday (4 reviews)
Ribbon Rescue (2 reviews)
Ricky Ricotta's Giant Robot vs. The Mutant Mosquitoes from Mercury (2 reviews)
Ricky Ricotta's Mighty Robot (6 reviews)
Ricky Ricotta's Mighty Robot vs. the Mecha-Monkeys from Mars
Ricky Ricotta's Mighty Robot vs. The Stupid Stinkbugs From Saturn (5 reviews)
Ricky Ricotta's Mighty Robot vs. the Uranium Unicorns from Uranus (2 reviews)
Ricky Ricotta's Mighty Robot vs. The Voodoo Vultures From Venus (3 reviews)
The Riddle of the Red Purse
Ride a Purple Pelican
Riding Freedom (2 reviews)
The Rifle (2 reviews)
Rifles for Watie (2 reviews)
The Ringmaster's Secret
The Rise and Fall of the Kate Empire
Rising Starts: The 10 Best Young Players in the NHL
Risky Friends
The River (3 reviews)
The River and the Trace
River Town
The River, A First Discovery Book
Road Builders
Road Word Ahead
The Robber Boy
Robert and the Clikety Clackety Teeth
Robert and the Instant Millionaire Show
Robert and the Three Wishes
Roberto Clemente (2 reviews)
Robin Hood
Robin Hood (A Stepping Stone Book)
Robin Hood of Sherwood Forest (2 reviews)
Robinson Crusoe (2 reviews)
Rocks,Gems and Minerals
Rocky and Bullwinkle and the Metal Munching
Rocky Mountain Summer
Rolie Polie Olie (3 reviews)
Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry (8 reviews)
Roller Skates
Rolling Rose
The Roly Poly Spider
Rool of Thunder, Hear My Cry
Room on the Broom
Room One (2 reviews)
Roo's New Babysitter
The Rooster Who Lost His Crow
The Rooster who Understood Japanese (2 reviews)
The Rooster's Gift
A Rose for Pinkerton
Rose In Bloom
The Rose in my Garden
Roses Are Pink and You Stink
Roses Are Pink, Your Feet Really Stink (2 reviews)
Rosie's Walk
Rosy's Visitors
The Rough-Face Girl
Rover Saves Christmas
Rowan and the Keeper of the Crystal
The Royal Diaries, Cleopatra VII, Daughter of the Nile

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