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Miss Spider's New Car
Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Kids
Miss Spider's Tea Party
Missing May (3 reviews)
The Missing Piece (3 reviews)
The Missing Piece Meets the Big O (2 reviews)
The Missing Tarts
The Missing Tooth
Mission to the Arctic
Missy's Super, Duper, Royal, Deluxe Class Pets
Mister Putter and Tabby Catch a Cold
Misty of Chincoteague (3 reviews)
Mitch and Amy
The Mitten (5 reviews)
The Mitten Tree (2 reviews)
The Mixed-Up Chameleon (9 reviews)
Mmm, Cookies! (3 reviews)
Moby Dick (3 reviews)
Mole Music
Molly and the Magic Wishbone
Molly and the Movie Star
Molly the Brave and Me
Molly Moon Stops the World
Molly Moons Hypnotic Time-Travel Adventure
Molly Moon's Incredible Book of Hypnotism (6 reviews)
Molly Saves the Day
Molly's Pilgrim (5 reviews)
Molly's Surprise
Mommy Doesn't Know My Name (2 reviews)
Mommy Loves Her Bunny
Momo's Kitten
Mom's Day Off
Money Hunt
Money Troubles (2 reviews)
Monica and the Sweetest Song
Monk Camps Out
Monkey See, Monkey Do
The monster at the end of the book
The Monster Bed
Monster Blood (6 reviews)
Monster Bugs
A Monster Followed Me to School
The Monster in Harry's Backyard
Monster Soup and Other Spooky Poems
Monsters Don't Scuba Dive
Monster's INC.
The Monsters of Marble Avenue
The Monsters of Morley Manor
Monsters vs Aliens
Monty See, Monty Do
Moody Judy and the NOT Bummer Summer
Moon Mouse
Moonbear's Pet
Moonbear's Shadow
Moongobble and Me: The Weeping Werewolf
More Bones
More Homer Price
The More the Merrier
"More More More", said the Baby
More Parts (2 reviews)
More Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark
More Spaghetti I Say! (2 reviews)
More Spaghetti, I Say
More Tales of Oliver Pig
Morgan and Yew
Morris Goes To School (3 reviews)
Morris Has A Cold
Morris the Moose (2 reviews)
Mortimer (2 reviews)
Morty's Roadside Refreshments
Moses the Kitten
The Most Beautiful Girl in the World
The Most Magnificent Thing
Mother Goose and Grimm's Night of the Living Vacuum
Mother, Mother, I Want Another (2 reviews)
Mountain Bike Mania
The Mountain Mystery
The Mouse
The Mouse and the Motorcycle (11 reviews)
Mouse at Night (4 reviews)
A Mouse Called Wolf
Mouse Count
Mouse Deer's Market
Mouse Mess (2 reviews)
Mouse Paint (7 reviews)
Mouse Tales (2 reviews)
Mouse Was Mad
Mouse Went Out To Get A Snack
The Mouse Who Wanted to Marry
Mousenet (2 reviews)
Mouse's Hide and Seek Words
Mr Bean in Town
Mr Silly
Mr. Brown Can Moo! Can You? (4 reviews)
Mr. Bumble
Mr. Burke is Berzerk

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