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The Powder Puff Puzzle
Power and Glory (3 reviews)
The Power of Un
The Power Puff Girls Paste Makes Waste
Powerless (2 reviews)
The Powerpuff Girls Powerpuff Professor
President of the whole Fifth Grade
Pressure Play
Pretty Little Liars (2 reviews)
Prillas Prize
Prince Caspian (3 reviews)
Prince Caspian: The Return to Narnia
Prince Cinders
The Prince of Egypt
Princess Academy
THe Princess and the Goblin
The Princess and the Kiss
The Princess and the Pizza (2 reviews)
Princess Diaries
Princess Furball
Princess in the Spotlight
Princess Lulu Goes to Camp
Princess Pigtoria and the Pea (4 reviews)
Princess Posey and the Tiny Treasure
The Princess School
The Principal from the Black Lagoon (3 reviews)
Private Peaceful
Prize Pumpkin
Problems with Pete the Pencil and Eddie the Eraser
The Promise
Promises to the Dead
The Prophet of Yonwood
The Pudding Like a Night: From The Stories Julian Tells
The Puddle Pail
Pumpkin Pumpkin (2 reviews)
Pumpkin Heads!
Pup at the Palace
Puppies in the Pantry
Puppy Love
Puppy Place Bear
Puppy Place Buddy
The Puppy who Wanted a Boy
The Purple Coat (2 reviews)
The Purple Pussycat
Purple, Green, and Yellow (5 reviews)
Purrfectly Purrfect, Life at the Acatemy
Puss in Boots (2 reviews)
Put Me in the Zoo (5 reviews)
The Puzzle Of The Paper Daughter
A Quarter from the Tooth Fairy
Queen of Christmas
Questions and Answers About Seashore Animals
Quick as a Cricket
The Quicksand Question (4 reviews)
Quillworker - A Cheyenne Legend
The Quilt
The Quilt Story
Quisiera tener lentes como Rosa/ I Wish I Had Glasses Like Rosa (2 reviews)
Rabbit Ears
Rabbit Hill
Race to the Tower of Power
Racing Stripes
Racso and the Rats of NIMH
Radience (2 reviews)
Raft of Riddles
The Rag Coat
Ragweed (3 reviews)
The Rain Forest Animals (2 reviews)
Rain Forests
The Rainbow Fish (7 reviews)
Rainbow Fish and the Big Blue Whale (3 reviews)
Rainbow Fish and Friends: Star of the Sea
Rainbow Fish Tattle Tale
Rainbow Fish to the Rescue
Rainbow Magic: Belle the Birthday Fairy
A Rainbow of Friends
Rainbow of My Own (2 reviews)
Raising Dragons
Ralph and the Motorcycle
Ralph S. Mouse (9 reviews)
Ramona and Her Father (4 reviews)
Ramona and Her Mother (4 reviews)
Ramona The Brave (4 reviews)
Ramona Forever (4 reviews)
Ramona the Pest (13 reviews)
Ramona Quimby, Age 8 (23 reviews)
Ramona's World (3 reviews)
Rapunzel (3 reviews)
The Ratastrophe Catastrophe
Rats (2 reviews)
Rattletrap Car
Ravenpaws Path-Shattered Peace
Ravens Pass
Ray and Me
Reach for the Stars (2 reviews)
Ready Freddy Super Secret Valentine

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