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Zack's Alligator (4 reviews)
Pokemon - I Choose You! (4 reviews)
Curious George Goes to an Ice Cream Shop
The Witches (20 reviews)
Josephina's Surprise (2 reviews)
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (35 reviews)
In a Dark, Dark Room and other Scary Stories (4 reviews)
Three by the Sea
Little House in the Big Woods (4 reviews)
The Creepy Computer Mystery (3 reviews)
Frederick (2 reviews)
Amanda Pig, School Girl
The Town That Got Out of Town
Bunnicula (13 reviews)
Mayhem In Motion (Hardy Boys Casefiles)
There's a Boy in the Girls' Bathroom (8 reviews)
Holes (58 reviews)
Monster Blood (6 reviews)
The Book of Three (2 reviews)
The Sign Painters Secret
Little Donkey Close Your Eyes (2 reviews)
Captain Underpants (15 reviews)
Dolphins (3 reviews)
Silver Packages
Wilma Unlimited (3 reviews)
Zack's Alligator Goes To School
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (31 reviews)
Junie B. Jones Is (Almost) A Flower Girl (6 reviews)
The Greatest Treasure
Number the Stars (61 reviews)
Fourth Grade Rats (5 reviews)
Creature Teacher
Extraordinary Egg
Horrible Harry and the Purple People (7 reviews)
Five Silly Fishermen (2 reviews)
Dinosour Dinners (2 reviews)
Tuck Everlasting (15 reviews)
BFG (11 reviews)
Esio Trot (4 reviews)
Cupid Doesn't Flip Hamburgers (2 reviews)
Book Worm Buddies
Star Wars Jedi Apprentice: The Mark of the Crown
Dragons Don't Cook Pizza (3 reviews)
Amber Brown is Not a Crayon (9 reviews)
Shiloh Season (7 reviews)
The Taxi Dog
Evil Queen Tut and the Great Ant Pyramids
More Tales of Oliver Pig
We're Going on a Bear Hunt (4 reviews)
The Hungry Kitten
Morris the Moose (2 reviews)
Just a Mess
Itchy Itchy Chicken Pox (2 reviews)
In a Dark Dark Wood
Mr.Putter and Tabby Row the Boat (2 reviews)
Two Silly Trolls
Tea With Milk
Forest Tracks
How Kittens Grow
In the Year of the Boar and Jackie Robinson (4 reviews)
From the Mixed Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler (2 reviews)
Rocky Mountain Summer
Anne Frank, Life in Hiding (2 reviews)
George's Marvelous Medicine (13 reviews)
The Babysitter's Club, Kristy's Big Day
Goodbye Chicken Little
The Kid in the Red Jacket (2 reviews)
Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator (6 reviews)
Shortstop from Tokyo
The Littles Take a Trip (2 reviews)
Report to the Principal's Office (2 reviews)
Replica: The Fever
Matilda (23 reviews)
Chicken Chicken
Mouse at Night (4 reviews)
David Goes to School (13 reviews)
Cat on the Mat (3 reviews)
Parts (8 reviews)
No, David (17 reviews)
Dog's Day (4 reviews)
Where the Sidewalk Ends (3 reviews)
In the Attic
Have You Seen My Cat? (7 reviews)
Sit Still (5 reviews)
Tom the TV Cat
The Cow in the House
Princess Lulu Goes to Camp
Leprechauns Don't Play Basketball (3 reviews)
Amelia Bedelia and the Surprise Shower (4 reviews)
Arthur's Teacher Trouble (4 reviews)
The Fat Cat Sat on the Mat (4 reviews)
Happy Birthday Danny and the Dinosaur!
Henry and Mudge and the Bedtime Thumps (8 reviews)
Bravo Amelia Bedelia (2 reviews)
Sonny's Beloved Boots
Baseball Ballerina (6 reviews)
Come Back Amelia Bedelia (9 reviews)
Junie B. Jones and Her Big Fat Mouth (4 reviews)
The Twiddle Twins Haunted House
The Great Houdini, World Famous Magician and Escape Artist

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