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Titles from grades 3-4
America's Champion Swimmer (2 reviews)
Among the Hidden
Amos & Boris (3 reviews)
Amulet-The Stonekeeper
Amy Hodgepodge- All Mixed Up!
Amy's Story
An Angel for Solemon Singer
An Uphill Climb
Anansi and the Moss Covered Rock
Anastasia at Your Service
Anastasia Krupnik (2 reviews)
Andrew Lost on the Dog (2 reviews)
Andrew Luck
Andro, This is Crazy
Angel in Charge
Animal Ark Hamster in the Holly
Animal Ark Husky With a Heart
Animal Rescue Rusty The Injured Fox Cub
Animals in Winter
Animals on the Go
Animorphs The Capture
Animorphs the Invasion
Animorphs The Stranger
Animorphs: The Escape
Animorphs: The Proposal
Animorphs: The Unknown
Anne Frank, The Diary of a Young Girl
Anne Frank, Life in Hiding
Anne of Green Gables (2 reviews)
Annie and Cousin Precious
Annie and Snowball and the Pink Surprise
The Ant and the Grasshopper
Appelemando's Dreams
The Apple Tree
April Fools Day from the Black Lagoon
Apt. 3
Aquamarine (2 reviews)
Arbor Day
The Arctic Patrol Mystery # 48
Arctic Son
Are You My Mother? (2 reviews)
Are you there God? It's Me, Margaret
Ariel and the Secret Grotto
Ark in the Park
Armadillo Tattletale
Arnie the Doughnut
Around the World in 80 Day
The Art Lesson
The Art of Keeping Cool (2 reviews)
Artemis Fowl (5 reviews)
Artemis Fowl The Artic Incident
Artemis Fowl: The Opal Deception
Arthur Accused!
Arthur and the Comet Crisis
Arthur and the Cootie Catcher (2 reviews)
Arthur and the Crunch Cereal Contest
Arthur and His Sister
Arthur and the Lost Diary
Arthur and the School Pet
Arthur Goes to Camp
Arthur Goes to School
Arthur Locked in the Library (3 reviews)
Arthur Rocks with Binky
Arthur Tells a Story
Arthur Writes a Story
Arthur, Clean Your Room!
Arthur, for the Very First Time
Arthur's Baby
Arthur's Boo-Boo Book
Arthur's Chicken Pox
Arthur's Computer Disaster (8 reviews)
Arthur's First Sleepover
Arthur's Halloween
Arthur's Honey Bear
Arthur's Mystery Envelope (2 reviews)
Arthur's Nose
Arthur's Reading Race
Arthur's Underwear (2 reviews)
Arthurís Mystery Envelope
Arturo's Baton
Athena the brain
Athlete Vs. Mathlete (2 reviews)
Attack of the Baby Godzillas
Attack of the Fluffy Bunnies (3 reviews)
Attack of the Mutant
Aunt Chip an the Triple Creek Dam Affair
The Austere Academy (4 reviews)
The Author from the Black Lagoon
Avatar the Last Airbender (2 reviews)
Awful End
Babe and Me: A Baseball Card Adventure
Babe Ruth: Homerun Hero
Babe The Sheep Pig (2 reviews)
Babushka's Doll (3 reviews)
Babushka's Doll
Babushka's Doll (3 reviews)
Baby Brains

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