Inside the Helmet: My Life as a Sunday Afternoon Warrior

Written by Michael Strahan

Reviewed by Owen G. (age 8)

In this book Michael Strahan tells stories about being on the Giants. He writes about all the fights, pranks, and activities they do. The author is very specific about who they played the pranks on and what they were. They even played pranks on their coach. One of the things that you might find interesting is his point about being in and out of the Meadowlands.

I think that people who play football and want to have some fun on their team might like to try out some of these pranks. This book is also good for anyone who likes football.

I recommend this book to kids 8 years or older or kids who are used to living around some curse words at home because there are some curse words in this book. It is an excellent book because it has a lot of information that you think he wouldn't tell you about his career. This book is unique because, since Michael Strahan just retired from professional football this year, it gives you information that you wont be able to get in the future. Even though Michael Strahan was a professional football player and not a professional writer, his book is still fantastic because it goes behind the scenes.

Owen G. is a student in Elaine and Ana's 3rd Grade Class