Great-Grandpa's In the Litterbox

Written by Dan Greenburg • Illustrated by Jack E. Davis

Reviewed by Brad F. (age 7)

Zack is ten years old and weird stuff always seems to happen to him. Zack has been freaked out in other stories but in this book even more. In Great-Grandpaís in the Litter Box, Zackís Great-Grandpa turns into a cat. Zack doesnít find that out until the cat talks and says that heís his great-grandpa. At first he doesnít believe him, at second he does. Itís up to you to find out if they give away the cat or keep him.

Great-Grandpaís in the Litter Box is my favorite book because itís funny. One of my favorite parts was when they were in Chicago and Zack brought home a cat who talks. The cat promised Zack that he would talk to his dad, and when he didÖZackís dad freaked out, which looked very funny! In my mind, I pictured Zackís dadís mouth open and his eyes frozen. I can connect this to my life. When I got a new jacket and I was coming home in my new jacket it was raining. My new jacket was soaking wet. I went inside my apartment and inside my bedroom. I forgot to take off my jacket and when I realized it, I looked behind me. I panicked! I saw a puddle of water! When my dad saw the puddle he made the same look as Zackís dad did when he saw the cat talk.

Do you have someone who acts weird in your family? Then you should read Great-Grandpaís in the Litter Box because it is terrifying to Zack but freaky to us. All of the Zack file books are crazy. I learned a lesson here. Never trust a cat who talks!

Brad F. is a student in Brynne's 2nd Grade Class