Soccer Cats-The Captain Contest

Written by Matt Christopher
Illustrated by Daniel Vasconcellos

Reviewed by Erik P. (age 9)

On Friday summer break started at 2:31 with Dewey going to the market. He saw his best bud Bundy. They raced to see each other. When they got to each other they met up by a soccer sign. They started jumping through the automatic door to read the sign. Dewey asked Bundy what the sign said. He said it says soccer sign-ups. They joined the team. The team went to the play-offs and lost 3-2.

I like this book because itís about soccer and I play soccer. My favorite part about this book is the soccer game because itís interesting. This book is a part of a series. The books are similar because they are all about soccer. I liked Bundy because he was good at soccer.

I recommend this book for people who have ever played soccer. People who like soccer, watch soccer, or play soccer would like this book. This book would interest people because it is about a competition.

Erik P. is a student in Mrs. Kumanski's 4th Grade Class