Pee Wee Scouts: Sky Babies

Written by Julie Delton
Illustrated by Alan Tiegreen

Reviewed by Adrianna F. (age 9)

One day a boy named Sonny thought babies came from the sky. Molly and Marybeth didnít believe him. They know that babies didnít come from the sky. When it was time for Pee Wee Scouts to starts, Mrs. Peters said that Sonnyís mom is adopting twins. Sonny still thought they came from the sky because they were coming on planes.

I think this book was a good book because it was funny. My favorite part was when Molly got her badge because she helped with a baby. This story doesnít remind me of anyone one I know. This is not like any other book Iíve read.

I recommend this book because it has babies in it. I think people who like babies would like this book. The part when everyone gets their badges is the part people would find interesting.

Adrianna F. is a student in Mrs. Kumanski's 4th Grade Class