Ms. Todd Is Odd! (My Weird School Series #12)

Written by Dan Gutman • Illustrated by Jim Paillot

Reviewed by Jackson S. (age 7)

Have you ever seen a substitute that runs around the room for no reason and a boy that hates everything about school, even gym?! You havenít? Well, try out the My Weird School series. It has all the wacky stuff. One of the My Weird School books is ďMs. Todd is OddĒ. I will tell you a little about this book. Ms. Todd is the substitute and A.J. (the main character) thinks that Ms. Todd murdered Ms. Daisy, their real teacher. That is really weird. A.J. doesnít get math. For example, Ms. Todd said, ďIf you had ten chocolate ice cream cones and you gave me five of them, how many chocolate ice cream cones would you have left?Ē A.J. said, ďNone, because I like mint chocolate chip ice cream.Ē Will A.J. survive with this horrible teacher? I canít tell you. You have to read the book!

I think this book is fun because the characters are weird. Do you know why? A.J. hates school. A.J. would rather jump off Mount Everest, eat a live spider, hit his thumb with a hammer, eat roller blades for breakfast, listen to his parents old cds, go to school, dress up like a girl or even kiss a girl, than write a poem. Isnít that so weird? In the other books in this series, there are even more weird charcters and things that happen in this weird school! I think Miss Todd is extremely weird too, because she jogs around the classroom while clapping her hands for no reason. AJ, Ryan and Michael think that Ms. Todd is a robot that is trying to take over the world. Is their prediction right? Find out in the book.

I recommend this book to someone that likes crazy, wacky, funny stuff. When A.J. does weird stuff, thatís when all the crazy stuff starts. Thatís where you will really like it. Thatís where the funny part is.

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Jackson S. is a student in Lisa's 2nd Grade Class