The Dinosaurs are Back and It's All Your Fault Edward!

Written by Wendy Hartman • Illustrated by Niki Daly

Reviewed by Jashua Z. (age 8)

This story is about two boys and a dinosaur. The one boy said to his brother what if that rock isn't a rock but is really a dinosaur egg? Then they were talking about dinosaurs and what Edward would have to do if the egg hatched. The boy told how to take care of a dinosaur. The end was awesome because it had lots of dinosaurs that came back for their missing egg. The end showed how the dinosaurs got the one boy out of the house and Edward was sleeping on his bed. Then the boy called to his brother real loud, but Edward was not listening.

I like the story because the boys remind me of how I used to talk about dinosaurs with my old friends at another school. And it reminds me about the toys I saw at the store. The dinosaur in the book has spikes like the toys I saw. The two boys were cool to me because they made the story funny with their good imaginations.

I think that third graders would like this book. Some third graders like dinosaurs. It's funny, and they might like the way the boys use their imagination.

Jashua Z. is a student in Mrs. Bowser's 2nd Grade Class