In the Year of the Boar and Jackie Robinson

Written by Bette Boa Lord

Reviewed by Derrick L. (age 8)

In the Year of the Boar and Jackie Robinson illustration will appear here.

I chose this book because my teacher told me to. I did like the cover because it looked interesting.

There was a girl named Bandit. She moved from China to the San Francisco Bay area. My favorite parts were stickball and stoopball. I like stickball because it is the same thing as baseball. I like stoopball because it is similar to handball. You play stoopball by throwing a ball on the steps and saying a number. The person on the other team whose number is called has to catch the ball to make a point for his team. If he misses the ball, no point is scored. He has to throw the ball against the stairs.

I would recommend this book to you because it is a great book for kids and adults. You will probably enjoy this book because it is a very interesting book. You will probably think the book is interesting after you read the whole book. I think this book will be the best book you read.

Derrick L. is a student in Mr. Lee's 2nd Grade - Green Section