Monster Bugs

Written by Lucille Penner • Illustrated by Pamela Johnson

Reviewed by Abraham L. (age 12)

The book was about big bugs. The author said that the black widow is the most poisonous spider in the world. The author also wrote about other bugs. Some bugs could camouflage to their environment. Beetles are as big as your hand. The biggest spider in the world is the tarantula; it could reach up to a feet long.

I liked this book because it taught me about bugs. When I was reading this book, I was exited because the author tells you about ants that are very dangerous and eat many bugs that are in its path. My favorite character was the black widow because it's the poisonous bug in the world. I really liked the black widow. This book is like many books that I have read about bugs; it gives you a lot of information. Also, the pictures are not real photographs, but they are very colorful.

I recommend this book to people that are interested in bugs; it tells you a lot of cool things. I recommend this book to people that love bugs!

Abraham L. is a student in Mrs. Prieto's Reading Club