Cam Jansen and the Mystery at the Haunted House

Written by David A. Adler
Illustrated by Susanna Natti

Reviewed by Isabelle M. (age 9)

Has your wallet ever been stolen? Cam Jansen and Eric Shelton are looking for Aunt Katie's wallet. While visiting an amusement park they go into a haunted house. In the darkness, Aunt Katie feels someone grab her. When they come out of the tunnel her wallet is gone. The mystery gets started.

I love the Cam Jansen books because they are scary and mysterious. My favorite part is when Cam sees an old lady sitting on a bench shaking with fear from being in the haunted house. This book reminds me of the time I went to a wax museum and I saw a maid with blood on her skirt and a farmer holding a knife. When I got out I could not move, I was so scared.

I recommend Cam Jansen and the Mystery of the Haunted House to kids in grades one through three who like mysteries. This is a fun book to read. Sometimes the person you suspect is not the culprit at all. This book will keep you guessing to the end!

Isabelle M. is a student in Mrs. Pierce's 3rd Grade Class