See You Later, Gladiator

Written by Jon Scieszka • Illustrated by Adam McCauley

Reviewed by Kwade K. (age 9)

The story is about three boys that travel into the past. At Sam?s birthday party, they opened the book and magically were pulled in. Sam?s uncle gave him the book for his birthday. In the book they went to Rome in the time of gladiators and leaders. The gladiators tried to catch them but they couldn?t catch them because the professor told them what to do. Then the boys found the book but the gladiators took the book away. So the boys had to follow the gladiators. The boys went into the castle and found the book by the king?s throne. Next the boys went to the professor?s house and got into the book and went home.

I liked this book because there were gladiators in it. They fight and make it exciting to read. My favorite part was when the boys got the book. They were astonished that it was a magic book. This book was like no other book that I have read because knights and gladiators are not from the same time period.

I would recommend this book to eight year olds and up because the younger kids might not understand it.

Kwade K. is a student in Turtle Mountain Gifted and Talented Grades 2 and 3