Terror Below!

Written by Dana del Prado • Illustrated by Stwphen Marchesi

Reviewed by Adam K. (age 7)

You are surfing and looking at all of the beautiful fish below. Suddenly you see something very big. It is not a fish. It is not a whale. It is a shark! Swim for your life! Many people have had encounters with the most feared creature in the ocean. Read these three stories and learn a lot about shark attacks from all over the world. If this sounds exciting to you then you need to get this book. If you are interested in sharks you will have to read more about the things they do and how they live in this book.

I really like this book I could read it over and over. I like the illustrations of all the different kinds of sharks and of the attacks. The author used good describing words that make you feel like your are in the water. It reminded me of when I swam with Tiger sharks.

I recommend this book to people who enjoy nonfiction books written in an exciting way. If you are fascinated by sharks like me then this is a book for you.

Adam K. is a student in Ingrid ODonoghue's 2nd Grade Class