I am the Hulk

Written by James Schamus • Illustrated by James Goodridge

Reviewed by Fernando C. (age 6)

At the beginning of Hulk, Bruce Banner was a good protector. Hulk was in back of the protector. The protector was typing. The Hulk went back to life. The other guy died because Hulk attacked him. When Hulk scraped the road, he destroyed the whole town.

I like Hulk because he is strong. My favorite part is when Hulk destroyed the whole town. My favorite character is Hulk because he can jump and because he is strong. This story reminds me of Hulk video game I have at home. I get to destory things when I am playing my game.

I wish a lot of children would read this book because it is exciting.

Fernando C. is a student in Mrs. Matsuno's 1st Grade Class