The Three Bears by Paul Galdone

Written by Paul Galdone • Illustrated by Paul Galdone

Reviewed by Gissel T. (age 6)

The Three Bears by Paul Galdone illustration will appear here.

The 3 bears go out and Goldilocks goes to their house. She eats their food, sits on their chairs, and goes to sleep in their beds. Watch out when the bears come home.

I liked this story. My favorite part was when Goldilocks was asleep and the bears find her in their room. I don't think Goldilocks should have gone in the bear's house. Baby Bear is my favorite character because he is so little.

I think kids and adults should read this book because it is my favorite story and it might be your favorite too.

(this review was dictated)

Gissel T. is a student in Ms. Salmon's Kindergarten Class