The Mitten

Written by Jan Brett

Reviewed by Stephany G. (age 8)

This book is about Nicki that wants mittens. Nicki's mitten dropped in the snow and was left behind. In the story all the animals went inside the mitten. Can you believe that all the animals could fit inside? When all the animals got in the mitten all the animals popped out! Did you know even a bear was in the mitten? The mitten then flew back to the boy.

I think the story is very funny because all the animals fit into the mitten and then popped out. As I read this book, it made me remember when I lost my 5-dollar bill at my grandma's house. This story makes me feel happy because grandma loved Nicki so much so she made the mittens.

I recommend anyone to read my book because I want people to remember when they lost something. I want everybody to read my story because they are going to laugh. This story is interesting because all the animals could fit inside the one mitten.

Stephany G. is a student in Ms. Hernandez's 3rd Grade Class