Hip, Hip, Hooray for Annie McRae!

Written by Brad Wilcox • Illustrated by Julie Olson

Reviewed by Derrissa M. (age 6)

Annie's mom is happy when Annie cleans her room. She picks her own cereal and pours her own milk. She got to be the teacher's helper. She played the piano for her grandma. Read this book to find out why Annie got sad.

Annie is my favorite character because I like her curly hair. It looks like my hair. My favorite part is when Annie didn't spill a drop of milk when she got her cereal. This book makes me feel happy when everybody says, "Hip, Hip, Hooray for Annie McRae!"

I recommend this book to everyone because it has a happy ending. Annie gives her grandma a big hug, too.

(This review was dictated to an adult.)

Derrissa M. is a student in Mrs. Weaver's 1st Grade Class