Arthur's Baby

Written by Marc Brown • Illustrated by Marc Brown

Reviewed by Dimanashia J. (age 8)

The story is about how Arthur's mother is having a baby. D.W. is happy about it and Arthur is mad. D.W. is Arthur's sister. Arthur's friends tease him about how the baby acts. Arthur thinks that babies are taking over the world because everywhere he goes he sees triplets or a crib. One day when Arthur comes home, D.W. wanted to teach him how to change a baby's diaper. His mother wanted to show him a photo album. The album has pictures of when Arthur and D.W. were babies. Arthur asked his mother, ?Is that really me?" And his mother said, "Yes!" His mom started putting her clothes in a suitcase because she said that the baby can come out any day. And she said that she needed to be ready to go to the hospital. The next day, their grandmother was in the kitchen fixing pancakes for Arthur and D.W. . The grandmother said, "You're having a new baby sister!" Arthur doesn't want another sister. And then they went to the hospital to see the baby. The baby was in the crib, crying. The baby's name is Kate. When the mother came home with the baby, the father kept on taking pictures. And presents kept coming to the house. D.W. told Arthur, ?The presents aren't for you, they're for the baby.? The mother asked Arthur, "Do you want to hold the baby?" And D.W. said, "Can I hold the baby, first?" The mother said it was Arthur's turn. When the mother needed help, she asked Arthur to watch Kate. Arthur asked, "Me?" When Arthur's friends came by the house, D.W. told them that Arthur couldn't play because he had to baby sit. D.W. told them not to go too close to the crib because the baby was sleeping. The baby opened her eyes and D.W. knew she wanted her bottle. After that, the baby started crying loudly. Then D. W. started rocking her and the baby still wouldn't stop crying. D.W. said to Arthur, "It's your turn to baby sit!" Arthur took the baby, patted her on the back and burped her. And then Kate was happy and so was Arthur.

I liked the book because it reminded me of when I was little. I cried and my mother didn't know why I cried. Then she gave me my bottle and she burped me. I burped and then I fell asleep in my crib.

I think people should read this book to their children. If they had a younger sister, when they read this book to them, they can remember what happened when they were little. Maybe parents might want to read it. So when they have another child, they can know how the older child would feel. If you enjoy the book, then you can watch the show on PBS. And you will probably think that the book is like the TV show.

Dimanashia J. is a member in New York Cares/Island School Reading Club's Halloween Group (2006-2007)