Clifford's Christmas

Written by Norman Bridwell

Reviewed by Melasia P. (age 6)

Emily and her dog Clifford like Christmas. They start celebrating Christmas over Thanksgiving. Emily and her friends made a snowman and Clifford made a dog. Clifford breaks the ice when they play ice hockey and Emily and her three friends fall into the water. Emily counts the days until Christmas. Clifford sees people taking a tree and he says can I please have that for my house. Emily says the tree is too big for her house and it is just right for Clifford?s house. Emily and her friends sneaked up on Clifford and put a mistletoe on his door and a girl dog kissed him. They yelled ?surprise? when she was kissing him. Clifford saw Emily sewing a big stocking for Clifford and they put it on his door. When everyone was asleep, Santa came and fell into the stocking. Santa said ?help, get me out of here? and then Clifford woke up and he took the stocking off his door and took Santa out of the stocking. All of Santa?s toy fell into Clifford?s water bowl. Clifford gave Santa his presents because he felt bad. Santa waved his magic mittens and made the toys new again. Clifford helped Santa fly again. The next day was Christmas morning. Clifford got a big bone and Emily got a doll. Emily says Clifford is a wonderful dog and makes every day Christmas Day.

I liked the book because it is Christmas and I love Christmas because you get a lot of presents. I also liked it because Santa came to Clifford?s house and Clifford helped Santa. I think I would help Santa if I was Clifford.

I think other kids should read this book because Clifford helps Santa. This book is quick to read and it is easy. Also Clifford comes on TV so if you don?t read the book you can see it on TV.

Melasia P. is a member in New York Cares/Island School Reading Club's Halloween Group (2006-2007)