Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus!

Written by Mo Willems • Illustrated by Mo Willems

Reviewed by Justin C. (age 5)

This book is about a pigeon who wants to drive a bus. He wanted to drive the bus when the bus driver left. He tries to make it a game. The bus driver keeps telling him, "No."

I liked this book because it's funny. I have this book at home and I like to look at my favorite page. My favorite part is when the pigeon says, "LET ME DRIVE THE BUS!!!" because the pigeon says it loud. There is also a book called The Pigeon Find a Hot Dog by the same author and it has the same pigeon.

I think other people should read it because it will make them laugh. I think younger kids would like this book because they will think it's funny.

Justin C. is a student in Ms. Valdez's Kindergarten Class