Curious George

Written by H. A. Rey

Reviewed by Adrian C. (age 8)

Curious George was in a jungle eating a banana on a swing. Then a man came and said, ?What a nice little monkey,? and he caught Curious George. Curious George went on a boat and the man said that he is going to take Curious George to the zoo in a big city. After that Curious George wanted to fly with the sea gulls and he flew into the water!

Three men were looking for Curious George and they got him out of the water and the fishes came out of Curious George?s mouth! Curious George ends up in the zoo and he was so happy.

My favorite part is when Curious George escaped from this place because it was an adventure. My least favorite part is when the people were taking Curious George because it was not fair. When Curious George was flying in the sky was funny because he was flying like the sea gull!

I recommend this book to my sister Madalyn because she loves Curious George too!

Adrian C. is a member in Page Turners After School Program / Rauschenbusch Center's Respectful Cheetahs (2005-2006)