Night of the Ninjas

Written by Mary Pope Osborne
Illustrated by Sal Murdocea

Reviewed by Charles F. (age 8)

Jack and his sister Annie have discovered a magic tree house that takes them places. In this story, they go to a place with ninjas. At first, they are afraid of the ninjas but then they discover that the ninjas are trying to help them get away from the evil samurais. The samurais almost capture Jack and Annie but then the ninja master gives them advice to stay safe. Will they get back to the tree house? Will they get home safely? Read the book to find out.

My favorite part of this book was when they found out that the ninjas were helping them. It was interesting because they thought that the ninjas were trying to get them. The book had a lot of information about ninjas in it, which was cool. I also liked it because it wasn't difficult to read. It was just right.

I recommend this book to any kid who likes adventure. If you like other Magic Tree House books, you'll like this one!

Charles F. is a student in Mrs. Lonkhurst's and Ms. Hansen's 3rd and 4th Grade Classes