The Reptile Room

Written by Lemony Snicket
Illustrated by Brett Helquist

Reviewed by Joshua E. (age 9)

In this book there are three orphans named the Baudelaires. Their parents died in a fire and now they have to live with their uncle Monty. He studies snakes, amphibians, and reptiles. An evil actor named Count Olaf, who is a relative of theirs, wants to get a hold of the Baudelaire fortune because the orphan's parents were very, very rich. Count Olaf tries many disguises and tricks so that he can retrieve the Baudelaire fortune.

How did the Baudelaire's parents die? Will Count Olaf kidnap the Baudelaires and steal their fortune? Read the book to find out.

I like this book because two of the orphans, Claus and Violet are like me. I like to invent things like Violet and research like Claus. Also, it is funny and a little bit weird because Count Olaf always dresses up in weird disguises. My favorite part of the book was when Uncle Monty showed them the reptile room. My favorite character is Clause because he loves to read like me!

I recommend this book for 3rd graders and up because it has some rude language and some scary things that little kids might not understand.

Joshua E. is a student in Mrs. Lonkhurst's and Ms. Hansen's 3rd and 4th Grade Classes