The Pinballs

Written by Betsy Byars
Illustrated by Ruth sanderson

Reviewed by Hannah C (age 11)

This book is about a girl named Carlie and two boys named Thomas J. and Harvey. Together they are trying to survive in their foster home. Carlie has to learn to get along with the other kids there. The children's goal at the foster care is to be united with their birth mothers and fathers. As you know their life is a big pinball machine; once they get settled someone puts a coin in and off the adventure goes again. Read the book to find out what exactly happens to the poor pinball kids!

My favorite part in the book is when Thomas J. was trying to find a way to communicate with his mother. He had gone out and found her address to her new house and started to write her letters all the time like the letters famous people get. This is my favorite part in the book because Thomas J. had perseverance and never gave up. It is a great lesson for life!

There were not any illustrations but the front cover showed the kids and how sad they are. They really needed to find happiness and get out of foster care.

I think this book really teaches kids and adults to never give up and stay strong like Thomas J. and the others. This book made me feel very confident in everything I do.

The characters Carlie and Thomas J. really reminded me of my cousins Audrey and Kristopher. Carlie reminded me of my cousin Audrey because she is kind of mean but then learns to get along with people. Thomas J. reminded me of Kristopher because they are both so quiet and think in their own unique ways.

I recommend this book for kids ages 8 to pre-teen because it teaches a pretty important valuable lesson. It is also good for fiction lovers!

Hannah C is a student in Ms. Green's 5th Grade Class