Shadows on the Sea

Written by Joan Harlow

Reviewed by Graham M (age 9)

Shadows on the Sea illustration will appear here.

Jill, a fourteen year old girl is going to Nana's house in Maine. The time is WWII and Jill's mom is going over the Gulf of St. Lawrence. Nana's town is full of secrets. Quarry, a local boy says, "Gossip ain't never been so good." And to make it worse, she finds a carrier pigeon carrying the message "sonnabend iv ". Later, she finds out that it's German. Jill starts getting scared.

Jill changed a lot by becoming more like a lady. This book made me wonder who's side in the war people were on like when Ida said, "sonnabend" to Nana. I found Nana interesting since she was so secretive and had secret meetings with other women.

I recommend this to people that like living through war books. Children 8-12 would like this book.

Graham M is a student in Mrs. Collins' 3rd Grade Class