Franklin and the Thunderstorm

Written by Paulette Bourgeois • Illustrated by Brenda Clark

Reviewed by Guy L. (age 7)

One day Franklin went to his friend Fox's house. A thunderstorm started. Franklin was scared of thunderstorms. Fox told his friends to come into the tree house. "It's not safe" said Fox's mother, "come to the cave." Franklin hid in his shell. Franklin was scared so Fox and his friends told Franklin funny jokes about what the thunder and lightning was. They said the thunder was clouds bowling and playing drums, and the lightning was clouds turning on and off their lights. Franklin came out of his shell. He felt better and there was a rainbow in the sky. Franklin said, "The giants have gone to find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow."

My favorite part was when Franklin was scared of the storm. It was funny when he was in his shell.

The character I like the best is Franklin. I like his personality. He is like me because he goes to his friend's house and has a lot of fun.

This story reminds me of my favorite storm. I was scared like Franklin during the storm.

I would recommend this book to kids that are five to eight years old because it is funny and a good book to read.

Guy L. is a student in Mrs. Finch's 2nd/3rd Grade Class