Written by Marianna Mayer • Illustrated by Winslow Pels

Reviewed by Hali C. (age 8)

The story Turandot is a book about a Chinese princess that won't accept any prince to marry. Some people think that Turandot (the princess) has a heart of ice. They hope the love goddess will thaw her heart.

One day a prince came and tried to marry Turnadot, but she refused to marry him. The prince kept on trying to get the princess to fall in love with him. The prince finally thawed the princess' heart and they fell in love and got married.

I like this book. It is my favorite book. I think the author did a really good job writing it because I could really picture the story in my mind.

I like Turandot because she is really beautiful in every way. But mostly because the illustrator made her beautiful.

The whole reason I like this book is because the illustrator did the best artwork I have ever seen in my life. That is why I think he is my favorite illustrator.

I recommend this book to any age kid, but younger kids might need to have the story read to them.

Hali C. is a student in Mrs. Finch's 2nd/3rd Grade Class