Horrible Harry and the Kickball Wedding

Written by Suzy Kline • Illustrated by Frank Remkiewicz

Reviewed by Sarena P. (age 9)

This book is about a boy named Harry and his friends. Harry is looking at a bug book with his friends Song Lee and Doug. They see a bug called the kissing bug and then everyone starts picking on the name. Harry says, "I love bugs" and Sidney says, "why don't you marry them?" Later Harry gets tickle revenge on Sidney. Then Harry wants Song Lee to marry him at recess. He asks her in a letter and then they make wedding plans. Later on, they get married at a big tree on the playground. But first, they get half way through the wedding and decide to play kickball. When they line up after recess, Harry finally puts Song Lee's ring on her finger.

In the book my favorite part is in the end when they're having the wedding and Harry puts the ring on Song Lee's finger. I like it because it made me feel happy that they were married.

I think the illustrations are good. They are not colored but I think they are still pretty. I like them because the illustrator put a lot of time and work into them so they look realistic.

This book made me feel really good while I was reading it. It made me think of all the weddings that I have been to. I was just in a wedding and I was the flower girl.

I think someone who likes weddings and horrible things (like my dad) should read this book. It is a good book too if you have read a Horrible Harry book. I recommend this book to kids ages 7 and up. They would really like this book. I think kids 7 and up would not get bored of the book like some little kids may.

Sarena P. is a student in Mrs. Finch's 2nd/3rd Grade Class