Lennie Leopard

Written by Dave Sargent • Illustrated by Dave Sargent, Pat Sargent, Jane Lenoir

Reviewed by Cora M. (age 8)

This book is about a leopard named Lennie. He worked at a circus, but the circus train had a wreck. Lennie thought that he was lost. It turned out that he was on a farm, and he had never been on a farm before. Will Lennie find a way to make this new place a good home? I liked my book because I love animals and the leopard is one of my favorite animals. My favorite part in the story is when Lennie the Leopard made good friends on the farm. I love the characters! The characters are so funny! There are really good drawings, too! I liked them because they looked like real animals. I think that lots of people would like this book because if you like animals you would like this book. This book is also about friendship. I think that 1st graders would like this book and also 2nd graders. I think that the part a 1st grader would like is the part when the badger comes along and sees Lennie and tries to scare Lennie. Lennie doesn't get scared, though. He starts to laugh!
Cora M. is a student in Mrs. G.'s 2nd Grade Class