The Bald Bandit

Written by Ron Roy

Reviewed by Graham N. (age 8)

This book is about a bank robbery. A boy caught the robber on tape. Dink, Josh, and Ruth Rose must get the tape and give it to the police. They have to get the police to arrest the robber. BUT who is the robber? Does he get caught? You'll be surprised! I liked this book because it was interesting because they had to think of a way to stop the robber. It was confusing because the robber was the detective. It was weird because the kid shaved his hair off! I recommend this to kids in kindergarten and up. I think they would like the book because it's interesting to try to figure out the mystery. Probably anybody who liked other books in this A-Z series would enjoy this one. The end of the story when someone comes in the house is one of my favorite parts, and I think other people would like that part, too.
Graham N. is a student in Mrs. G.'s 2nd Grade Class