The Secret Garden

Written by Frances Hodgson Burnett
Illustrated by Tasha Tudor

Reviewed by S.B. (age 8)

"Wow!" The Secret Garden is so astonishing! A girl named Mary Lenox comes to live at her uncle's house. His name is Mr.Craven. She finds it full of mysterious secrets. One secret is that Mrs.Craven planted a garden and she used to lock herself in it with Mr.Craven. There was a branch which was bent like a seat. One day, she was sitting there and the branch and it broke! She got so injured, that the next dayshe died. Dr.'s felt that Mr.Craven would too be in danger of dying. Therfore, Mr.Craven gets mad and locks up the garden. And most of all HE BURRIES THE KEY! But its ok because Mary finds the key! Can she bring the garden back to life?

I enjoyed reading this magnificent book! There are many mysterious characters like Mary. She is always is jealous. Also, the pictures are exeptionaly realistic. Even though the pictures are black and white, you could imagine the colors in your imagination. There are also many mysteries. I felt very smart after reading this book.

I recommend this book to people who like gardens and mysteries. The book has mysteries. The book has gardens. Boys might not like it because there are gardens in this story. Enjoy the book!

S.B. is a student in Mrs. Zanga's 3rd Grade Class