Babe and Me: A Baseball Card Adventure

Written by Dan Gutman

Reviewed by Landon Y. (age 10)

Babe and Me is a fiction book about Joe Stoeshack. Joe's parents are divorced and he barley knows his dad. He was just a regular kid until one day his dad gave him a Babe Ruth card. When he gets the Babe Ruth card he feels a strange tingling sensation that sends him back in time with his dad! Will Joe find Babe? Will Joe make it back home? Read how this adventure brings Joe and his dad back together.

Dan Gutman has kept us guessing in his baseball card adventure series, and this book is no different. In The Babe and Me, Joe must travel back in time to see if The Babe really pointed his bat when he made the winning homerun in the World Series. My favorite part in the book is when Joe and his dad catch the baseball that Babe Ruth hit. They saw a group of orphan children playing baseball with a rock wrapped in paper and decided to give the baseball to them. Throughout the story Joe and his dad learn how to be friends again. I love this book because it is about baseball, and baseball is my favorite sport!

I recommend this book to any third through fith graders. I also recommend this book to anybody who likes any other Dan Gutman books.

Landon Y. is a student in Mrs. Hurst's 5th Grade Class