Chasing Redbird

Written by Sharon Creech
Illustrated by Marc Burckhardt

Reviewed by Laura H. (age 10)

Chasing Redbird is an exciting adventurous tale. When a girl named Zinny Taylor discovers a forbidden trail in her home town, Bybanks, things start going a little crazy. Cars are stolen, medallions are hidden, and Zinny's Uncle Nate is chasing his wife who has passed away. When bad things start to happen, it always ends well. Zinny knows in her heart that someone is watching over her, even if they are dead. Is it Jake Boone, a cashier at Mrs. Flints Drug Store? Is it Uncle Nate? Is it Aunt Jessie's soul? Or could it be Rossie, Aunt Jessie's dead daughter? Find out in the book Chasing redbird, by Sharon Creech.

Sharon Creech has not let her readers down with this book. I especially think this one is a hit. It was amazing how you could feel just like Zinny while she worked on the trail. You can feel the attitude of Zinny sink into your skin while Sharon Creech speaks of the compassion Zinny has for Jake (but the hate for him at the some time). The way Sharon writes is indescribable. I love how she can take an ordinary view and be so descriptive. This story is one outrageous summer for a thirteen year old girl on a quest to uncover a trail. Readers will be inspired by the courage it takes to do such a thing.

This book is great for any 4th grader or 5th grader who loves adventure and touch of mystery. Sharon Creech fans will go crazy over this adventurous creation.

Laura H. is a student in Mrs. Hurst's 5th Grade Class